about me

hewwo! am mystieneko (or mystie for short), a silly teen catgirl 🐾, web developer, self-taught designer and a huge linux nerd :3
welcome to my website =^-^=

my pronouns are she/her, am currently 15, poly, also omni and rather shy >w<
you may capitalize my name, but i prefer it in lowercase
head to the socials section if you want to talk with me privately :3

what i like

what i don't like

my current favorite song: Jamie Christopherson - It Has To Be This Way (Platinum Mix)

music playlist: MusicdasH

main device: Infinix NOTE 30

if you are/was mean to me or to people i regularly talk with, i will just ignore you.



abandoned/outdated/not working anymore

tech that i have

please keep in mind that this section is quite incomplete -w-

currently using

my phone

my laptop

no longer using but still alive

old phone

another old phone


even older phone

another laptop

where to find me


you can always talk to me in dms, but please interact with me somewhere before doing that, so i actually know who you are

other services


my designs & logos

please ask in dms, as i'm too lazy to update the archive

FoxHome (modified Firefox logo)



my button!

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firefox: take back the web made on gnu/linux maxy kel binbows nano pony sky